7 Latest Ways To Make Money With Digital Skills

1. Sell Data, Airtime and Money Transfer Transactions

The use of mobile data is essential to everyone's everyday lives. Students are particularly fond of keeping in touch using their smartphones. On good resellers you can MTN Data Plans for very low prices with 30 Days Validity. 

You can also recharge airtime, money transfers and bill payments can be even easier using WhatsApp channels and . You may help students by becoming a data distributor for their diverse data requirements. 

It is possible to get started by joining up for small-scale virtual top enterprises and using the network of friends and neighbors that you already have. You start making money by selling airtime and data in bulk.

2. Sell Clothes (Male & Female)

Students are very fashion-conscious and want to appear their best at all times. Most college students can afford your goods if you purchase in quantity and then resell them at a discount.

3. Write on Medium.com, Hubpages, Tutor etc

The need for authors online is growing at an ever-increasing rate. You don't even need to be an expert in the subject matter you're writing about. My Medium blog is a great source of inspiration.

For those who want to start generating money online, placing your writings online on sites like Medium or Blogger might open you up to writing jobs that pay a little amount of money.

Freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiver allow you to earn money by selling your writing skills for a charge. Get 30% Off your first domain + web hosting. If you have a mobile phone or laptop, you don't need to spend money on new gadgets to start writing.

4. Start Tutoring Sessions

As a student, you may earn money by instructing. If you're skilled at a topic, you may teach it to your classmates in school, or you can provide lessons to the younger children around you.

Take online tutoring programs if you can't find a tutor in your area. Seeing how eager people are to learn and how willing they are to pay for a talent you already possess will be fascinating.

5. Trade Crypto

So, if you don't want to work as a delivery driver for an app, you have a limited number of options. 

The economy is evolving, and those who can adapt fast and embrace transition will benefit greatly when certain doors shut and others open. 

Blockchain and Decentralized Finance are now available to everyone.  For students who want to work on the side while still getting good marks, both of these are excellent options. 

The possibilities range from a beginner's degree of computer literacy to an advanced one. Everyone has a place in the cryptocurrency universe.

Use Platforms like Bundle,  Binance, YellowcardCoinbaseRemittanoHaggleXCex.ioLuno & Paxful

6. Assist with online Registrations

Your services may be offered for a price to aid students through the registration process, which is something every student has to do at some point in their life.

Even though some of your coworkers are familiar with the procedure, they would prefer to avoid the inconvenience of registering. You may represent them and charge a fee for your services. 

In addition, you'll be able to assist new students in completing the registration process more quickly.

7. Learn Graphic Design & Sell Customized Branding Packages

Another high-ticket service that a graphic designer may provide is branding, which can cost up to thousands in dollars if the demand is great. Feel free to join my Twitter Channel for more content.

This includes a custom logo, color scheme, typefaces, patterns, and other elements that help firms differentiate themselves.

To Wrap-Up, for students in Nigeria, it might be difficult to make money online or offline, it may or can be difficult to keep up with schoolwork while still attempting to gain money on the side. 

Student life is full of responsibilities, but anyone is a lifelong student and we continue to learn every day.

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