The Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is Doing It My Own Way

SEO (search engine optimization) – no other single phrase strikes more fear and frustration into the hearts of profit-hungry business owners – and for good reason. The effort involved in getting your web site up in the search Engine rankings, to maintain that ranking and to keep up with the latest changes and adjustments is almost too much for the average Website Newbie or small business owner.
First, the bad news (which you probably already know): SEO can be confusing and complicated. It's “free” (in terms of cash) when you do the job yourself. It can cost you a princely sum if you hire a specialist to do the job. Ok, ready for the good news? The good news: SEO is actually a breeze once you laser-target the keywords relevant to your niche. The problem that most web sites face is competition. There are billions of pages indexed in Google, and millions indexed in other, competing search engines. Inexperienced marketers make the mistake of trying to rank on saturated keywords. They're battling a lost cause.The basis behind using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is to get your web site ranked the highest in a specific category within search engines. This is accomplished through the use of highly searched for keywords, multiple page content, and linking strategies.  And the reason you'd want to use this technique is that by your site ranking in, say, the first page of your chosen subject, which is really good, you'll be gaining much more traffic than your competitors.
The best way to be sure your website is “optimized” for the search engines is to be sure you have plenty of useful content there. And of course, you'll want to provide this to your site visitors anyway. But be sure it's content that has “meat”. Not a bunch of junk. If you have access to private label articles, that's great, but be sure to personalize those articles you're using as page content on your web site.
Differentiating yourself is the key.
Not only is the content you place within your web pages important, so is regularly adding, or updating, your website content too. 
If you frequently add usable content to your site, the search engines will rank your site higher in that specific category. Again, it needs to be useful content. Let me also tell you that by adding lots of useful information to your web site that you will gain much more “out-links” to your website through other similar sites. This also helps boost your search engine page rank.
Here is how you can  easily Improve your site's search engine Ranking Ability:
1.    Add Multiple Article Content Pages To Your Site
      You can do this either through the use of private label articles that  include your “About The Author” resource box where you input your own information, or through free reprint articles. Use your main index.html  or Homepage as an article page “template” for this process. It will make it go a lot faster for you and keep your site looking uniform.
2.    Use Popular Searched Keywords That Are Relevant To Each Of Your Site Pages
      To find keywords that correlate directly to your web page content, use a free keyword search tool. Find the most searched for keywords and keyword combinations and insert those into your HTML code within META TAGS.
 This can be done by using any HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver or even the simple Note Pad tool.

You need to insert the META TAGS this way:
<title>This Is The Title Of Your Web Page</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”a short description about your web
site or page belongs in this area”>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”your, keyword, list, belongs, in, this, area”>
Understand that the use of keywords within your web pages won't magically produce more traffic to your site, but it will definitely help. 
And be sure you are inserting the right keywords inside every single web page contained within your entire web site. It will make indexing your pages much more easy, and effective, for the search engines.
3.    Add Links To More Information On A Particular Subject To Your Site
  The more links you have that will retrieve more resources for more information will help your site, or page, rank higher in the search engines. 
Believe it or not, this is one of the things the search engines look for when adding web pages to their index. Adding “outsource” links will help to boost your search engine rank. With all the above said, it is important to note that experienced marketers know that their true 'salvation', as far as search engine ranking is concerned, lies within the uncommon keyword.
The Uncommon Keyword:
·       Is not unusual, it is simply less frequently searched on
·       Is not a single world term
·       It is aptly described as a key phrase and consists of two or more terms which narrow the search

·       Ideally receives its fair share of traffic each month, but does not receive hundreds of thousands of searches per month
·       Can accurately be described as “targeted” *
Note: Don't make the mistake of thinking that low search volume = targeting. Likewise, don't discard what might be a highly targeted key phrase just because the search volume is low. 
Even 3 searches per month could translate to an extra 36 sales per year. Proper keyword research is the key to beating the SEO game. However keywords aren't the only factor. You also need to determine how many sites are competing with you on those terms.
You can do this through keyword research software or, in Google, simply enter in a term and check the upper-right corner for Google's “results 1-10 out of..” report. This will tell you how many sites Google has indexed with that term or phrase. If the results are at or under 100,000, you've got it easy! It's like being back in the early days.
All you need to do then is set up properly constructed pages employing standard optimization tactics.
Most of the time this will suffice, as many of your competitors have not optimized and basically ranked on accident.
However you don't want to make any assumptions. Take time to browse through the top 10 listings.
 Examine the referring page's keyword density and link popularity. What you want to do is beat at least the second page of the top ten in ranking.
I say this because it may take additional time to beat the number one spot. The #1 page may have a certain mix of incoming links from other sites adding to its ranking, and you'll need to build your link popularity in according and wait for the next “Google Dance” to update the listing. Then, you can analyze whether your tactics influenced a change in ranking. It's really a process of elimination and deductive reasoning.
After you achieve your desired placement for your niche terms, keep an eye on them. This task can be simplified with SEO-specific web site monitoring software.
Some More Important Factors to keep in mind:
1. SEO is much more difficult on one-page direct marketing sites
While it is not impossible to have your sales page ranked in the top 10, it's not something you should spend too much time trying to achieve.
2.  3-5 page “microsites” and 5+ page content-heavy sites
These are easier to work with in terms of SEO, and the odds of achieving a top ten ranking via SEO are higher. I would suggest that you view SEO as a matter of “covering all your bases.” You can get away with ignoring it entirely if you so desire. 
After all, you've got Adwords, Yahoo Ads and Many More Pay Per Click Advertising Platforms along with Joint Ventures and a myriad other tools at your disposal. But it's pretty silly to turn down free traffic. A dozen visitors here, twenty visitors there, it all adds up over time. Sometimes it adds up to an extra 1,000 visitors per year.
 So go ahead and toss page optimization into your arsenal. It can only help your bottom line. Using effective SEO isn't really that difficult, and you can do this all on your  own without too much trouble.
Thanks for reading, Have a great time.


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