7 Cognitive Biases You Can Use To Make Money From Anyone

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The more money your business will make.

Here are 7 cognitive biases you can use to make money:

1) Liking bias

We like to say "yes" to people we like. Get 100 USDT on Binance Click Here

This is another reason why a strong personal brand is essential.

The more people see you as:

• Reliable

• Authentic

• Approachable

The more sales you'll make.

2) Social proof

Your word means little.

Your results mean everything.

Collect testimonials of people describing the transformations they made from your offer.

(bonus points for video testimonials)

3) Scarcity bias

We love rare things.

We feel powerful when we get something others don’t.

We're compelled to buy things other people can't have.

Use this by limiting spots (or time) left for your offer.

People won’t want to miss out.   

4) The halo effect

We create an overall positive image of a person when we discover one positive thing about them.

First impressions mean everything.

Use professional looking branding, pictures, and graphics to make the best impression you can.

5) Information bias

People crave genuine, reliable information.

The more information we have...

The more likely we are to buy something.

Tell your prospects exactly how they'll benefit from your product.

6) Commitment bias

We're motivated to act consistently with our words, thoughts, and past decisions.

Here's how to use this:

• Collect emails with a lead magnet

• Send an email sequence building to a low-ticket offer

• Lead up to your high-ticket offer

7) Bandwagon effect

Majority of  humans are wired to follow the crowd.

Use this by showing how many people have bought your offer.

People will be more likely to trust you, follow you, and buy your offer for themselves.

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