11 Habits That Can Transform A Life Completely

There are some good habits which I think can positively change a life:-

  1. Getting up early just before 5 A.M, believe me, you will never regret it instead of you may appreciate your self one day for this effort.

2. Just walk of 30 minutes in the early morning or hitting Gym for 1 hour, believe this will make you proud one day especially if you are thinking about GYM workout.

3. Taking enough amount of Fruits, Vegetables and dairy products. All these will provide you with entire essential nutrients, which make you active and help you to grow properly.

4. Study at least 4 hours a day and consider it one of the most crucial tasks of the day, it does not matter when you are going to study, do whenever you have the time for it.

5. Whenever you among the accompany of people make them speak because while listening you will learn a lot of new things instead when you speak you are just going to repeat the knowledge, you already have.

6. Do not believe in everyone except parents just one day they are going to betray you and making you feel regret.

7. Do not forget to spend time with your parents and grandparents as they did and are still doing a lot for us.

8. Do not give up ever in your life as there are only a few people who want to be successful and they have a lot of expectations so do not insult them by breaking their beliefs. Another side there are a lot who just laugh on your failure and want you to follow the pity path which they are just going to show you.

9. Rules are meant to be broken so understand them well then you can break them well, I am not here mentioning about traffic rules.

10. Never tell your all the secrets to anyone. Secret means something means to be hidden for a particular reason.

11. Never forget to appreciate people who take time out of their busy lives to do something very important for you even though they really do not want to get from you anything in exchange but on that time it's your responsibility to reward them. I am here also talking about to upvote this answer as it costs you nothing but means a lot for me.

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