The 3 Basic Rules of Crypto Currencies In 2022

Hello, hope the new year 2022 already started well for you? They cryptocurrency market is dipping now, so if you have funds you should buy the dip! There are so many options for cryptocurrency now as it is continues to gain more acceptance as we go into our future. 

The first concept is to find coins or tokens that support your passion and bring you closer to a community as there is always a gathering of users and supporters, this usually used to create contracts, by creating a connection of users to create more funds. It is theses people who provide holding and liquidity to these digital assets. If you are just getting started read this post here it has been around and doing well since 2016. 

Below are some basic principles you should keep in mind to trade cryptocurrencies and the forex market. it is very important!

#1: Do not just buy one. Do not put all your money in one crypto coin, diversify your investments. Much like the age-old saying in investing, don't put all your eggs in one basket. It is be best if you have diverse portfolio due to the very liquid nature of the market.

#2: Do not put all your money in at one time. Don't be like, "I'm going all-in on this one coin," and letting your emotion drive your investment decisions. Buy a little bit at a time. You can read up on basic comprehensive trading guidelines here.

#3: Buy the dip. Just a reminder, I am not a certified financial advisor, and the best advice is to educate yourself and do your research. The market is currently in dip, this is based on previous prices of about a month ago, always do proper findings. so it's good to buy now if you have some funds to keep. 

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