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8 Tips To Own Your Blogging Niche

1. Define Your Target Audience.

Who do you want to reach? What are their needs? What challenges can you solve for them? Where do they spend their time? How can you engage them?

2. Tap into the Power of Communities and Forums.

Figure out where your audience spends their time and get engaged there or start your own community. Resources include,,,, and

3. Optimize Your Website.

Incorporate key words and phrases that your audience would use to find you. To increase traffic, update your site frequently, add incoming links, and continually add new content.

4. Implement a Blog.

A blog can help you build your audience, boost website traffic, impress new clients, and attract media interviews and speaking engagements. It's also the heart of your social media strategy.Update yours at least twice each week (more is better) for best results.

5. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy.

To become a recognized authority in your field, first publish a book. Next, create ebooks, white papers, and special reports that you can give away. Distribute articles to websites that reach your target audience or write articles for print publications. See article content sites:,, and

6. Expand with Video and Podcasts.

Create compelling videos to post on your website and distribute to and Conduct your own webinars or teleseminars or participate as a guest on other people's programs. Podcasts can be distributed to iTunes.

7. Embrace Social Media

 Like it or not, social media is not a passing fad—it's an essential marketing strategy for business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest each have their own unique advantages. Be sure to share your blog posts, resources, and other content that appeals to your target audience.

8. Commit a Little Time Each Day.

Set aside an hour each day to develop content, engage in social media, and cultivate community. A little effort goes a long way in expanding your brand and soon you will begin to enjoy big results. I sure hope the listed ideas above helps every blogger. Have a nice day.

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