The Importance Of Resource Box In Articles

Don't forget to include a link back to your own site inside the “Resource Box” that is placed directly at the end of the article which I'll be explaining to you in just a few moments. You can also include a link from your name in the “written by: Your Name” area that goes right to your web site too. Don't be afraid to use all the available advertising space you can from within your articles. The more you use, the better chance you have of getting that traffic to your web site. One crucial element: There is one thing you must include with every article you release, and that is: a byline. Go take a quick peek at any of the articles at ezine and you'll see each author's byline at the bottom of the page. You'll sometimes hear people refer to the byline as a “resource box”.

They're both the same thing, but I think the phrase “resource box” describes the content with more accuracy. Your resource box contains a very brief summary of your business history and areas of expertise, along with related resources like a link to your site or your autoresponder address.
This resource box is your ace card. You grant other web publishers the right to reprint and distribute your article at will on the condition that your resource box remains intact and unchanged.  So, your link travels with your article everywhere it goes. Here is a quick example of a good resource box:
About The Author (Resource Box)
I am Stephen Ayojide, the Webmaster of - This Blog is A resourceful Web portal for Business, Web developers,Promoters,Internet Visionaries and entrepreneurs.
The site assists online marketers and entrepreneurs in developing serious Money making ideas,concepts,Personal Development, How to, efficiently utilize Web presence by Branding personalities and having the Right attitude, thereby providing a wealth of free information,resources, tools and content for the use of everyone. Contact me at
Remember, the above is just an example.
You should write your “Resource Box” up as if you were writing it about someone else and not yourself. As in the third person perspective.
One last thing to really be sure your articles get placed inside the directories you submit them to is to write up your own original articles. The only limitation to using articles as promotional tools is how many topics you can dream up.
If you're prolific, you can write an article to suit most every need be it pre-selling your product, building your credibility, or even promoting an affiliate product.
One of the easiest and most effective ways to market your articles is by using the services of article submission sites, see lists here. These submit your articles for you to thousands of article directories and sites so you can free up your time to concentrate on your business. Have a great week ahead.