Time, The Currency Of Life

Value is what you exchange for money, money is the store of worth, but is in itself worthless; at least that’s what my Professors taught me in Economics 101. But you know, quite distinctly, that money is the currency you give to buy what you desire. Likewise time… time in itself is nothing. Existence is infinite and not confined to a period of time. Time is a measuring tool for life. You use time to get what you want in life. They say “The rich get rich in their spare time. And the poor get poor in their spare time”. We all have equal timing – 24 Hours for each day – the difference is in how we, individually, use it. While a large percentage of people pay little or no attention to their time, wasting it in fruitless endeavors – chasing shadows and fleeting fantasies – some other folks pay undivided attention to their goals per time. And when the report cards show up, it divides the cowards from the heroes. These reports show up as fat bank statements, lots of happy feelings, luxury holidays and exciting vacations having quality time with loved ones half-the-world away… and all the things lazy people watch on TV, talk about (exaggerating, disparaging and telling lies), but never experience.

Come to think of it, would you deliberately sleep for 18 or 21 years?! I hope not. (Not even winter influenced hibernating-polar-animals would really love to do that – even in the Ice Age – talk less of a conscious human being like you).
How about the other time wasters such as browsing aimlessly to see really mundane things or playing silly games, watching TV and flipping channels for hours; making long useless non beneficial phone chats or calls; hanging out with folks that’ll eventually leave you hanging – or worse – hanged; reading demeaning books or trash novels etc. You know where your point of peculiarity is; don’t leave the reins of your life to eventualities. You really don’t have a chance in life if you leave your life to chance. You certainly deserve a better life; don’t deny yourself the advantage of making it real. Have a wonderful day.