20 Latest Tips And Bits To Get More Twitter Followers

1. Link it Up, You can also read 25 easy and very effective twitter tips that i use here.
The more links you have to your twitter profile the more ways there are for people to follow you! This means online and offline, put a link to your Twitter profile everywhere you can. Link to Twitter from Facebook, from your blog, from your guest posts, from your videos, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can think of. Usually if you just put an “@” sign in front of your username people will understand that you are listing your Twitter name.
2. Write a Guest Post
You can easily gain notoriety and followers by writing posts for other blogs. Running a blog can be hard work, especially if its not a hobby for you, so many people and companies now welcome well written posts to give them a break. If you do get an opportunity to guest post, link it to your blog if you like, but be sure to also correctly link to your Twitter account as well. Check out these ten great guest posting tips. If you are interested in writing a post for this blog get contacts here and let us know your idea for a post!. Be Funny, Laughter is a geat medicine. Funny and gigle tweets gets retweets a lot. check out favstar for some of the funniest tweets, always good for a laugh. 
3. Sign up for my free updates and you will receive awesome tips and tricks by email that will enable you build a powerful social media and online presence that will help you get many more followers.
4. Advertise Company Vacancies If your company of business is doing well, you can use your twitter account to advertise any vacancies of available jobs. If twitter users realize that they may benefit from such  jobs opportunities o offers, it is more likely that they will follow you in order to look out for your feed. Share opportunities with your followers and they will retweet and recommend you and this will lead to more followers.
5. Do Podcasts Podcasting is a great way to get attention, it showcases your expertise, and helps build an audience.Creating your own podcast is simple. All you have to do is download a program such as Audacity (or, if you’re on a Mac, GarageBand works well.) Record your audio, edit out long pauses or background noise, and make sure to mention that people should follow you on Twitter!
6. Host a Webinar
Webinars are online seminars, and can be a powerful way to build your brand and your Twitter following.
A Webinar is a perfect medium to get more Twitter followers fast, since you can link directly to your Twitter account during and after the webinar for attendees.You can begin by creating a template for your slideshow that includes your Twitter information in the bottom right hand corner. Many attendees will automatically look in that corner of the presentation last, while listening to your information. Encourage Twitter users to follow you throughout the presentation, and talk about the benefits of the content you share on Twitter. If you plan on hosting a Q&A session ask people to follow you on Twitter and tweet their questions. Not only will this get you immediate followers from the participants, but their followers will see the questions being posed to you as well, and this can lead to more followers. The software I use to host my webinars is called any meeting and it is free to use for up to 200 attendees. 
7. Do customer support through Twitter, Now, am not suggesting you throw away your help desk, but add Twitter as a support channel. You may find that users are already tweeting questions at you. Most good help desk software already offers Twitter integration. Some people like posting support questions via Twitter, as they feel the public nature of it will lead to a faster response. Adding it will win you some new followers providing you offer good timely support through it, Many Upgraded Nigerian banks do this, such as Gtbank, Firstbank, FCMB, Sterling Bank, etc. 
8. Integrate Twitter with Your Videos People love to watch videos. Creating video tutorials for your area of expertise is a great way to get exposure for yourself, and your Twitter presence. Place your Twitter username in various places in the video, and you can even use a watermark or video annotation so that your twitter username is constantly visible. If you have a YouTube channel make sure to include a link to your twitter profile on your channel page. Offline Strategies for Getting More Twitter Followers 
9. Rent a Billboard If you are really ambitious and have money to burn you can get more Twitter followers by renting a billboard and put your Twitter name on it.
This is what Ashton Kutcher did when he was racing against CNN to be the first to 1,000,000 followers.
This strategy worked for Ashton and I’m sure it could work for you too if you have the budget to cover the cost.
10. Word of Mouth Tell your friends and relatives to follow you on Twitter. Bring Twitter up in person when you are chatting with people. If the people you are talking to active on Twitter convince them to follow you, or if they are not on Twitter convince them to join. 
11. Speak at Conferences While most people already know that speaking at conferences is great for business, many people forget to promote their social media accounts through this platform. The next time you’re giving a presentation at a seminar or conference remember to mention your Twitter account! Create a presentation #Hashtag and encourage attendees to tweet about your talk for best results. If you are using presentation software or an on-screen image during your speech, display your username on screen. If your audience likes what you have to say, they may just follow you later! You can even host the conference yourself, including your Twitter information on conference tickets and tweet the events as they happen. When it comes to live events, the sky is the limit!
 12. Put Your Twitter Name on Your Business Card Twitter promotion does not have to be limited to the online world.  Include your Twitter name right on your business card you will be able to get several new followers. Don’t have your Twitter username on your business cards yet?  You’re in luck Vista Print is currently giving away 250 business cards for free. 
 13. Host a Tweetup Most of the time, offline strategies involve people finding you offline and connecting with you online afterwards.Tweetups allow you the opportunity to connect with Twitter users in person, even if you have never met before. Because the group of Twitter users that meet is often diverse you will likely gain at least a few new followers from a tweetup.You can start a tweetup simply by asking around your circle of twitter followers. Offer to host the event at a coffee shop, restaurant, or even your office. Create a dedicated web page or blog post for the event, a hashtag (for example, #mytweetup) so that users can follow the event, and encourage tweeters to share with their friends and followers as well.You can gain large amounts of exposure from something this simple 
14. Do a Radio Interview Much like speaking at conferences, radio interviews are a great way to get attention.Whether through AM/FM, satellite, or Blog Talk Radio, the interviews can be used to gain some positive and wildly popular PR.To be interviewed on the radio you need to position yourself as an expert. Watch your local stations for requests (they often publish them via social media,) list yourself in expert directories, and even contact the station directly and ask if they have any upcoming opportunities for experts.While you won’t have a visual medium to display your Twitter account, repeating your Twitter username a few times during your interview can help you gain new followers. You can also use your interview time to promote contests and upcoming events through your Twitter feed, which is sure to get you some new followers in no time at all! 
15. Newspaper Interviews and Articles If you can somehow tie your business or industry to a current event, it can be easy to get an article in the traditional press that includes your information. You can distribute your own article via press release, or make yourself available for expert interviews through directories and by approaching the media directly.If you have the resources, hiring a public relations firm can be a great help with this. They can get you expert interviews in many newspapers and national publications, and because of their existing relationship with the editor, you will often be allowed to include a bit more company information than the average submission. If you don’t have the resources (or just prefer DIY methods), write a compelling press release that ties your business to a current event. Distribute it to the local media, and call to follow up. Create a media kit or press kit for distribution when someone asks for information about you and your business. Getting interviews in traditional press isn’t difficult for a small business owner, but it does take an investment of time and some persistence.
When you do gain some media exposure, while most companies are just now beginning to include links to their website in the article, you can include links to social media accounts like Twitter to get new followers and exposure for your expertise. 
16. Attend Networking Events If you run a business, you likely have a local networking event that you do or can attend. Publicizing your Twitter profile at events like these through your business cards, stickers, and stamps can gain you a large number of targeted Twitter followers very quickly!
Be sure to offer an incentive for following you, such as free reports, discounts, or updates. 
17. Give Away a Free eBook Few things say “I’m an expert” like being an author.
While print titles still have more clout with traditional audiences, eBooks like those for Kindle and other e-readers are gaining popularity.
If you’re looking to establish yourself as an expert, traditional publishing houses may get you the most notoriety, but self-publishing with a good public relations agent can get you similar results today.
Being sure to include your social media links – including Twitter – is a great way to allow readers to connect with your expertise after reading your book. Start by offering your Twitter ID on the inside front cover, where many bookstore shoppers will look for your bio; then include your information on the back cover, in the introduction, and throughout the book. If you are willing to think outside of the box, you can even include your Twitter ID in the footer of every page. Even if they don’t follow you immediately after reading the book, they will subconsciously recognize your account in the future and be more willing to follow you if they come across your name again.
Several prominent social media celebrities even use Twitter to launch subsequent titles, so don’t overlook the possibilities here. The opportunities are endless! 
18. Research and Publish a Report: Reports and white papers are still an essential form of communication for industries and markets around the globe. If you have any data or research to share, or even just helpful ideas, publishing a report or whitepaper can successfully get you the attention of industry leaders, media, and yes – social media.You can get your white papers and reports distributed by trade magazine distributors across North America, which will often give you the customers’ information. Offer the report or whitepaper on your own website, as well as on Twitter itself. You may find that the link to your report gets retweeted, getting you valuable exposure! As with other forms of offline publishing, be sure to utilize your author’s bio and include links to Twitter and other profiles
19. Magazine Articles Like newspaper articles, magazine articles can get you great attention from readers and potential customers. Unlike newspapers, however, they can be much longer in length, explain things in much more depth, and offer more opportunities for promotion. Go to the website for your favorite industry magazine and look for a link to their publishing schedule. There, magazines will list topics that they are going to be covering in the coming months. If you feel you can contribute to one of these topics, contact the editor with a proposal for your article. Do not send the whole article! Editors need a quick glance to determine if your content will be worthy, before approving you to begin work.
The great thing about working with magazines is that in certain circumstances, you can even get paid for your submission. How many opportunities do you have that allow your advertising to pay you? Magazine editors will typically allow for a longer author’s bio, offer more opportunities for promotion, and may even extend offers for inexpensive advertising in exchange for your contribution.
20. Use a Quick Response (QR) Code There are several services online that allow you to create quick response or QR codes.This technology has also been adapted in the Nigerian financial system.
These codes are simple square bar codes that are gaining massive popularity with smartphone users, as they can be used to direct any phone to a specific web address just by taking a picture.
Create a QR code that links to your Twitter profile, and put it up on your website, business cards, any signage outside of your office or store, and anywhere else you can think of that might attract attention. Stay safe and have a great time.