10 Easy Ways Of Marketing Products And Services

I've been in online Marketing business for some time now and I've been involved in some ventures too.
Some of these ventures have been very successful.  The successful ventures all had one thing in common. A very good marketing program. You can't sell a product or service without letting people know you exist.  There are a number of ways to do this.
1.    Word of Mouth - If you're online, that 'll be tough unless you have a small local business that serves your community and family.
2.    Paper Advertising - Newspapers, Magazines etc.
3.    Phone Book Advertising - Again, pretty impractical for the online business.
4.    Online you have banner advertising - This has become pretty unproductive.  People have become used to ignoring them.
5.    E-Mail advertising - Of course you need to build a list and that takes a long time or a lot of money to buy into a permission based list.
6.    E-Zines & Newsletters - It can take a while to find the write targeted audience for your product or service.  And it costs money (risk).
7.    Website Submissions - This is very Effective in directories that are functional and Accept Submissions. The Major Search Engines mostly rely on Inbound Links to find your site. This you can easily do by submitting to directories etc. (for free). The thousands of little Search Engines out there will send you very little traffic. Also it takes a long time to get any decent ranking in the search engine results (months to years).
8.    Online Classifieds - If you got the money to spend.
9.    Link Exchanges - This ones tough.  The traffic is poor quality and has a low conversion.
10.    Pay Per Click Advertising - BINGO!
Pay Per Click Advertising is for anyone.  If you are a newbie with a new website or are just hopping online looking for opportunity, it's your answer.