10 Things To Find An Opportunity, Capture And Succeed At It

1.  The first thing you need to do is study and learn everything you can. Start with Free updates or subscription above or below. It’s designed to give someone an overview of what’s going on on-line. It’s built to draw you a picture of what is possible. It will help lead anyone to their opportunity. The minute someone takes to subscribe to the free updates will save them 100s of hours bumping around trying to sift through all the useless information online. I’ve done it for you; I’ve spent hours online seeking opportunities and learning.
2. Invest in some good material related to what you are doing. I have many good materials that I suggest threaded throughout my Free updates. Many of these will refine you’re skills and build your knowledge beyond what you’ll find for free out there.
3.  Figure out how to find stuff. Search around the internet using the search engines. Type in a keyword for anything you want to know about (i.e., Google.com, Yahoo.com).
4.  There are a lot of good e-Books out there as well. Some you’ll find at my e-Book store. A few are free! Again find some that are related to your goals. But, be careful. Don’t buy into people selling huge packages of e-Books for pennies. Most of these are a waste of your time. They’ll contain old information, broken & corrupt files, and many are just advertisements in disguise.
5.    Sign up for some forums related to your business and marketing strategies.
Some to consider that I hang around are:  seochat.com,  and http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/seo-tools/free-optimization/ 
6. I also suggest creating a business plan. Think everything through.
7. Dive In! Once you’ve weighed your risk Just Go For It. You need to decide what you can risk to pursue this. It is just like any business you might start. You need to have a contingency plan, an exit strategy, and Money & Time to lose. Nothing is guaranteed online.
8. Be wary of people trying to sell you an opportunity with a good sales pitch. They’re trying to sell you. You need to understand that not every opportunity is YOUR opportunity. There might be many successful people doing well in something, but it’s not for you. It depends on your talents, education, and goals.
9. Dig in! No matter what you read elsewhere, understand that this may not happen overnight for you. The people that are very successful online have been doing this for a long time. The reason they are successful is because they out lasted their competition. Think of this as a long term business effort. That’s not to say you can’t make money right away, but don’t expect to get rich in the next few months… it can happen! But it’s rare.
10. Have Fun!! You know what? This is true. You need to enjoy what you are doing. Find your passion. Find something you’re interested in. Then specialize in that area. Focus you’re energy. If you love cats. Sell cat stuff. Build a website about cats. Start a cat forum. Become an online cat guru. So the bottom line is, you can find success online. But it will be work. No ones going to deliver you an automatic cash machine to make millions of dollars. Well they might offer you one, but they won’t deliver. I think if you followed these guidelines, you will stand a better chance of succeeding online. One additional note.
Find your Niche. Become an expert. Create a better product or service than your competition. And stick with it. Failure is not an option! All the Very Best.


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