3 Super Tips To Use SEO To Website Boost Traffic

Trying to get a site optimally listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines should be a priority exercise at every juncture. This should be part of the growth strategy of any online endeavor that is seeking ultimate success. Literally meant to increase the site’s ranking of the web search conducted by the interested viewer, the SEO is one of the important ways to generate and direct traffic to a particular site.
Monitoring the ranking of the site should be a priority to ensure the current efforts put into the content and choice of keywords to encourage the relevant clicks is the best for the site.
Using complimenting platforms will allow the individual to keep track of the page ranking with tools like Alexa.

All these will keep a regular check on the ranking and provide the feed necessary to facilitate a re-thinking exercise should there be a need to implement it.
Keywords are like the magnet or the eyes that are going to get the attraction of the SEO thus creating favorable ranking possibilities.
The use of the most appropriate keywords will eventually make or break the success of the site’s ranking rate and this is the most important contributing factor from the viewing visitor’s perspective.
Inserting the keywords into recognizable spots like the title tag and the page header will help too.
SEO ranking also takes into account the links the site manages to create.
The integration of internal links is an easy way to boost traffic to the individual site or page thus creating a recognition element that is important.
As a web host it is a pivotal element to the success of the page to ensure its visibility to the search engines, to draw the new traffic to the site as often as possible.
1. Research Keywords And Know Where They Go
 To harness SEO optimization there is nothing worse than using the wrong keywords, keywords that are ambiguous and misleading and keywords that are ineffective.
The choice of keywords greatly dictates the traffic flow to the site thus creating the desired SEO ranking.
 Using keywords that are deemed popular but have no connection to the material featured at the site will also pose problems as the visitors will eventually catch on to the ploy and perhaps take action against the site. This kind of bad “publicity” is definitely not needed or encouraged.
2. Know How To Use Internal Links
Using tried and true methods to optimize the chances of getting traffic to a site should always be extensively explored for its benefits obvious or otherwise.
Therefore looking into the possibility of using internal links to enhance interest in a site is definitely worth the effort.
3. Create A Site Map 
Gaining popularity as a method of convenient navigation through a website, the site map basically facilitates the list of links to HTML files in the web platform and this works great for the search engines. There is a visual source safe that includes the creation of site map commands on the web menu to simplify the site map creation, however in order to access this tool one would need to have the write access to use the command on call.
Map It
Each time the create site map is called upon, a totally new site map file is created, thus there is a need to save the copy of the particular file to another location where it can be retrieved later.
The following are some simple steps to creating a site map: Using the visual source safe explorer the individual would be able to open a web project to commence the exercise.
When the web menu is clearly visible, the next step would be to click on the create site map
icon. In doing so other follow up instructions would have to be completed in order to work further
on into the exercise. Here in the create site map for <specified name>dialog box, one would have to use the “To” box to specify the file that will contain the site map eventually.
The other alternative would be to click on the browse to locate the file needed for use.
Then the individual would proceed to select the check in to visual source safe check box and when this has been completed then the ok icon should be clicked upon.
Upon completion of clicking on the ok box the specified file is the created and checked into the data base. For some there may be a need to further navigate the file and customize it, which can also be done quite easily. All the Best.


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